New single out now

On May 1 underground MC Menteroja and producer Johnik (BEATMAKERiet) drop the track ¿Qué es el rap?, which is the first single from their upcoming album Boom Bap for the Fighting Subject. On ¿Qué es el rap? the Swedish duo has teamed up with Puerto Rican rapper Luis Díaz from the group Intifada.

” Luis Díaz was the obvious choice for us, ” says Menteroja. ” He is one of the most poetic rappers out there, ”continues the Swedish-Latino MC.

The album Boom Bap for the Fighting Subject contains class conscious rhymes over traditional boom bap beats and will be released on vinyl as well as digitally in August this year. The album also features LA rapper Rogue Venom, DJ Devastate (Counterweight Records), DJ Pera (Malaga Royalz) and Fanstatic (BEATMAKERiet).

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