Class Rules tracks available for download

The Class Rules Everything Around Me tracks are now available as a digital release at my Bandcamp page. As before, you will automatically get the digital tracks if you get the cassette through that page, but now they are also available as “digital only”.

Good night and good luck!


Tracklist and artwork for the Class Rules… tape

Boom bap, boom boom bap. Today the artwork for the Class Rules Everything Around Me cassette arrived, so I thought that I would make it visible. I’ve already paid for the production of the tapes, so now I’m just waiting for that package to arrive so I can throw these tapes out.

Cover Class Rules

I thought that I officialize the tracklist right away. Here it is:

1. Fanon

2. Education/Liberation

3. The Communist Agenda

4. Gender Politics feat. Meldeah

5. Class Rules

6. Wordplay (Johnik feat. Maylay Sparks and Menteroja) (Bootleg)

Production: 1 Robin Bankz, 2-4 Elfér, 5-6 Johnik.

Class Rules Everything Around Me – New tape out December 2012

Oh yes! It was a while ago that I updated my web, and that I released anything new.  For you that are still interested in that good ol’ Menteroja music, this might be good news. I will put out a six track cassette tape on December this year. The title is Class Rules Everything Around Me, and it will contain mostly unreleased stuff, yet most of it is written and recorded some time ago. The tape will be limited to 50 copies, so be sure to order it rather quickly. Info on how to order, tracklist etc. will come in the next few days. So, go and tell your friends to dust off their boomboxes! This blog will function as the official Menteroja web, until I manage to redo the old site.