Yankilandia/Analogue Circuit out now

Good evening!

My new seven inch record – Yankilandia/Analogue Circuit – is out now. Make sure to get a copy through, where you also can listen to the tracks. The record is limited to 250 copies.

Yesterday’s release party was a really fun one. Thanks to the comrades who made it possible.

Good night!


New vinyl out on November 30

Good evening!

On November 30 I will be releasing my new seven inch vinyl Yankilandia/Analogue Circuit.

The vinyl record will be sold through and in selected stores. Both tracks will also be released through the main digital platforms.

That same date we will have a small release party in Karlstad, Sweden (You know that the sun always shines in Karlstad!). The venue is Tingvalla Isstadion (Klubbhuset), and we will be hanging out from about 9 PM. Make sure to bring 50 SEK to get the limited edition vinyl.

By the way, if your interested, please follow my beard at twitter: [atttt]elmenteroja and instagram [atttt]menteroja.

Take care!

New vinyl single out in November

I will be dropping a seven inch vinyl record this fall. It is expected to be out in November. The record will contain two tracks that are written and composed by myself. The sound is rather dark and heavy, but differs a bit from my previous songs since the beats I’m making are more synth-heavy. So it’s not the old boom-bap sound that you’re used to. The rapping, however, is pretty much what you can expect from me, so I hope that you do enjoy the tracks. The record will be pressed in 250 copies.

Since I have no PR organization or a manager that backs me up, you will have to spread the word about this release.

Have a nice Tuesday!


The Class Rules Everything Around me cassette is out now. Please visit to order it. There you can also listen to all the tracks. Rembemer: only 52 copies were made, so be sure to order one now. Purchases through bandcamp include a downlad of the tracks in a format of your option.